New labelling rule for European winemakers: e-labels solution
15 April 2023

New labelling rules for all wines and spirits bottled after 2023,December 8th : the E-Label solution and the exclusive Bottlebooks offer

Wines and spirits sold in the EU will have to provide the same information as for all other consumer goods from 2023, December 8th. In order to inform the consumer, all ingredients used in the production of the wine or spirits must be identified, as well as the nutritional and energy values. Consumers should be able to recognise that the information on the electronic label relates to the wine in their hands. The wine must therefore be clearly identified.

  • What information should be included? what ingredients? how to calculate the nutritional values?
  • What information is permitted and prohibited? What certifications?
  • What language should I use if I export my wine?
  • Do I have to create a label for all my vintages and bottle sizes?

In order to provide you with answers to all your questions regarding this new European labelling regulation and a simple and affordable solution, Break Events Group s’associe à Break Events Group partners with, accredited provider of regulatory compliant E-labels and a leading player in the wine and spirits industry for data management.

Will you be ready 2023, December 8th ⇒ more about the new regulation ICI 



Bottlebooks' E-lables platform is a simple, upgradeable and economical solution.

It offers 5 important benefits: 

  1. an assistant E-labels which consolidates and concentrates all regulated information, as they are approved by the European Union, into an intelligent form (list of ingredients, nutritional values, certificates, etc). This also includes some additional national regulations (such as Italian nutritional and environmental information),
  2. an automatic translation ingredients and other labelling information in each European language
  3. an responsive platform making it easy to manage and administer from any screen,
  4. Bottlebooks is a founder member of the norme SAFE E-LABEL standard guaranteeing an EU-compliant solution,
  5. an simple and transparent pricing based on the number of E-Labels you need to create each year (not additional cost to maintain existing QR CODES)


Try it! 

  • Get it now, 3 free e-labels. It's without obligation or request for bank details !
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